Anat Dubin LCSW-C


Offering therapy that is insight oriented as a first step to healing. A structure of non-judgement, consistency and a strong client-therapist relationship are important pieces. This relationship is used as a tool to help make sense of and improve various emotions, thoughts, behaviors and patterns that may have become disruptive or problematic. Through guided exploration, the goal is to understand their influence on the way in which we experience ourself in the world.

A practice of your potential

None But Ourselves Can Set Our Minds Free

Bob Marley


Healing happens when curiosity and intention meet in a safe place. Within a therapeutic relationship, we can wonder and explore with a goal of allowing new perspectives and meanings to evolve. Together we can uncover your strongest self.

" Anat has helped me through many phases of life . She is able to see what I can’t and helps me get to the root of the issue. Together, we have and continue to make lasting positive life changes. "

" I have been working with Anat Dubin on my anxiety for years. Her patience and calming presence have led to dramatic improvements in my overall quality of life and my ability to deal with stressors...I couldn't recommend a therapist more highly. "


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Thinking back, my first meaningful memory regarding “quitting” was in Chapel HIll North Carolina talking with my 4 year old daughter’s preschool teacher. At the time we were likely discussing my latest novice parenting crisis of how to handle the typical resistance to school
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Dreamers AND Realists
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