Therapy to Process Illness

Illness suggests that part of us is not working as it should. This is a difficult reality to face, and walking through what that reality means and how it impacts us can be painful. For some, the task of confronting and processing illness comes because of an abrupt diagnosis. For others, this is a life-long journey of finding peace in the midst of a chronic condition.

Therapy to Process Illness

The therapeutic process includes support through uncertainty, confusion, fear, sadness, and grief, which tend to be common feelings for those who are ill. Within a safe space and practicing an open-ended perspective, we approach a challenge that is beyond your control while exploring ways in which you can cope in a controlled way.

A main focus of our work will be identifying, creating, accessing and leading from your strength(s). Illness compromises feeling like our “whole” selves. I offer empathy and validation, while providing the space for you to grow and move forward.

Goals of Counseling for Illness:

  • Help you strike the right balance between the dualities of the weaker and stronger parts within
  • Challenge you to develop care, compassion and commitment toward your mental and emotional healing journey

When the reality of one’s illness screams “limitation,” we find the voice within that is able to scream back “opportunity”.