Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask — I Answer

How will I know when I'm ready?

While I recognize it’s difficult to take the first step to call a therapist you’ve never met, I hope that the site helps you to get a sense of who I am in order to make that first step a little easier. Anything worth doing is challenging – and I believe in you! If you are reading this you are ready to make a change and begin to heal. I am here to help you to heal from within. Working together we will help you cultivate a sense of self that is built on an internal foundation, rather than fleeting, external circumstances. As you come to trust this new and resilient sense of self, hopelessness, anxiety and depression will no longer dictate your life.

Do you offer teleheath?

Yes! The current environment and how to navigate with in it are both challenging and uncertain. Your comfort, physical health and safety are essential and my desire to support those things are of utmost priority. therapy can be conducted via Zoom.

Are you conducting in person sessions?


How long are the sessions and how many "will it take"?

Sessions are conducted for 45-50minutes on a weekly and or biweekly basis. That said, every person’s needs are different and your therapy sessions will be designed to fit your needs and goals! I recommend weekly sessions to begin and consistent attendance is highly encouraged.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance, however I will provide you with a diagnosis and invoice you may submit to your individual carrier for reimbursement. I am a fee for service and any information regarding fees will be discussed directly with you.