Life Transitions

Therapy for Life Transitions

How do we go about carrying ourselves from one physical, metal or emotional state to another? How can we make meaning of and take productive steps forward in the midst of significant life transitions and changes?

Navigating Life Transitions

When clients describe to me feelings of being “stuck,” I often begin by asking about any changes in their lives. Commonly, the need to shift can produce feelings of anxiety, confusion, frustration and low self-esteem.

Examples of life transitions include:

  • Changes in school level, locations or routines
  • Relationships shifting, ending or beginning
  • Transitions in career field or position
  • Health challenges or status change
  • New season of grief brought on by the loss of a person, place, pet, or thing
  • Changing beliefs or transitions between or away from faith, value systems, familiar dynamics, or patterns.

In any major life transition, fear of the unknown can cause us to feel stuck in emotional paralysis, simply unable to move forward through the changes in a healthy way.

Life Transition Counseling

In therapy, my goal is to help you navigate and engage your strengths in understanding what this change means to you, personally. As we process your unfolding story together, you’ll get the support you need in order to understand and connect with who you are currently and lead with your best self to where you need to go.

In the midst of your changing circumstances, you will access or gain the ability and wisdom within you for healthy self determination. Remaining curious and willing to explore what you don’t know is a healthy place to start! From there, we will build tools for increasing distress tolerance and holding dualities in emotions, feelings and truths in the midst of change.

If you are someone who is experiencing a life transition, and if you are also motivated to engage that process with intentionality and compassion for self, I would welcome the honor to navigate and support that change with you. I help create a safe place for you to open up the possibility to do hard things. The therapeutic relationship is a space where you can practice your potential and build tools for thriving as you learn or become more comfortable with how to process life’s transitions. You have something special to bring to the world, and the various roads life takes you.