Grief and Loss

Therapy for Grief and Loss

Loss is painful and losing someone or something we truly love can feel unbearable. Our grief may reveal itself in a variety of emotions, ranging from profound sadness and guilt, to disbelief and anger.

Types of Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Loss is nearly universal to the human experience. It can come in many forms, such as the loss of relationships or loved ones, careers or opportunities, or may be the result of unmet expectations. Even the loss of an old comfortable routine, pattern, or perspective can lead to feelings of grief and bewilderment. We may fear or misunderstand the emotions we experience in the aftermath of loss, creating uncertainty and despair in our ability to move forward.

Processing grief and loss requires walking through the pain rather than avoiding or denying it. Resistance, or even active refusal, to step into the bereavement process can result in even greater suffering.

You are not alone on your path to healing. Together, we can explore healthy ways to help you cope with this pain, gain perspective and adapt to the changes you are facing.

Therapy for Grief and Loss

Within the therapeutic relationship, we focus on identifying and acknowledging loss and minimizing further trauma by naming and normalizing the grief response and bereavement ahead.

In a safe and nurturing environment, I will support your ability to acknowledge the loss of something in a healthy way. Together, we will explore the following:

Are you listening to your body? Pay attention to the signals your body is giving, for example, tension, sickness, pain. These are feelings and emotions that are felt before they can be articulated. A healthy response is to ground yourself in the moment in order to honor and treat those symptoms. Relaxation, breathing, movement and creative methods of expression, which include journaling, art, music, and exercise, are key places to “begin”.

Processing loss presents an opportunity to grow from the experience. A commitment to bereavement counseling can improve your ability to have a healthy and honorable resolution and can open the door to new beginnings.