Effective Trauma Therapy in Maryland

Therapy for Trauma

What is Trauma?

Helplessness. Tension. Chronic discomfort.

In the midst of a traumatic event, our bodies and minds instinctively adapt in order to survive. Yet in its aftermath, this trauma can live on inside of us. It shapes our perspectives and how we see the world. Trauma can cause us to feel agitated, hopeless, or confused and produce a lack of trust in others. This can harm our relationships with others as well as with ourselves. As we pause and recognize that these negative feelings or behaviors may come from a place of trauma and subsequently, a misunderstood and misplaced form of protection, we can begin to heal.

Processing, understanding, and validating our survival, understanding and recognizing our triggers, and letting go of those once protective measures to develope new ones, allows us to react to our surroundings from a place of health rather than survival.

Therapy for Trauma

Trauma informed therapy begins by approaching yourself and others through the trauma lens: an entry point of empathy. Beginning with empathy creates a place of connection rather than blame, which can lead to shame.

Engaging the healing journey in a safe and compassionate therapeutic environment is the pathway toward improving the daily experience of your life. Our histories can be painful and difficult, but they can remain our history. A healthier future is waiting for you and the unique gifts you have and bring to the world.