Self Esteem

Therapy to Build Self Esteem

As we consider how we show up and interact with the world around us, a foundational element we must acknowledge is our relationship to ourselves.

How do you view or identify yourself?

Do you like, or even love yourself?

Do you hold compassion for yourself?

Perhaps seeing, let alone answering these questions is difficult because you’ve been hiding from yourself for so long. Building self esteem is an inside job. It’s a journey toward realizing your value and your worth.

Realizing Self Worth

This process begins with acknowledging that you have both strengths and weaknesses—and allowing the tension between the two to exist and be okay. Acknowledging weaknesses does not mean they define you, it means you are human. In therapy you will learn to get a healthy distance from your own negative or limiting perspective in order to allow your strengths to come into view.

Self worth is all about internal rather than external validation. We aim to transition to looking within and finding value there. Once value is recognized, we can begin to adjust perspectives and choices that support oneself first and foremost. We strive toward a life of self determination, a life in which we are the ones holding to pen in the story of our lives. We celebrate our power to determine how we experience our life rather than leaving it in the hands of others.

Counseling for Self Esteem

It’s the relationship that we have with ourselves that allows us to experience and navigate the world with ease and joy. Self worth is something you deserve. Success is found in the willingness to stay within the vulnerability and deep self exploration it takes to learn and unlearn enough about yourself, you come out the other side saying “I am enough”, and “I matter”. You are, and you do. Let me show you the way….